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点击新窗口打开大图     Sichuan Nanlei Sanxin Valve Seat Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded 40 years ago, has followed a policy of "people-oriented, quality for the Soul" and "science and technology enterprises," Secretary of governance principles, with the value of the products on the pursuit, continued to improve in line with international standards and implement The project management and quality management system, increasing in the new equipment, new technologies, as well as the industrial chain in such areas as investment, forging an "on-demand, rapid construction, excellent quality, you have my achievements," the core of competitiveness, high Quality, efficient, cost-effective to win the trust of customers, but also won international recognition. Products by long-term trust of customers at home and abroad, have been named the best OE supplier.
     China's reform and opening-up in the future will be more in-depth, rapid technological innovation, changes in the demand for ever-changing world ... ... the trend of economic integration has brought us unlimited imagination, but also brought great pressure to survive with severe challenges. We have to look at their own time - how to make the team more innovative ideal and passion? How can we change always full of curiosity? How to keep a keen sense?
     Only in this way can we remain invincible, from excellent to superior upgrade, cast the nation's manufacturing industry will not be brought down monument.
     Universal brotherhood of everyone to bring new opportunities and posed new challenges. We are well aware of the hopes and difficulties with the risks and opportunities coexist, although the road ahead is full of thorns, but as long as we insist on quality first, the credibility of the letter, we will certainly be able to smooth the cause, our future will be brilliant.

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