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点击新窗口打开大图        Sichuan Nanlei Sanxin Valve Seat Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a Sino-US joint venture. Was founded in 1962. Company registered capital of 20,000,000 yuan, 50,000,000 yuan of fixed assets and currently employs more than 400 people, and middle-level engineering, economic management 92. Companies under the leadership of the board of directors, general manager of the responsibility. Under 2, deputy general manager, a chief engineer, the company responsible for all the work. There's a comprehensive, supply and marketing, technology, quality assurance, and other agencies of the Department. Practice shows that the agency set up a reasonable, leading groups fighting team capable of high-quality staff to create a better atmosphere for corporate culture, with strong market competitiveness.
     Division I in May 2007 with the Nanchong Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. joint venture established in the production of various types of internal combustion engine cylinder block, cylinder head, and other pieces of slab capacity of 10,000 tons of casting production lines. It is also the production of various types of internal combustion engine valve seat, rocker shaft assembly components, valve guides and the main bearing caps, and other professional products businesses. Valve seat is the only industry in both research and development capabilities, but also has the ability to produce the pilot valve seat manufacturers. The company has-IF melting, water glass and silica sol-shell-shell precision casting, casting tide, coated sand casting, Chilled resin sand casting, lost foam casting blank line. There are various types of molding machine, 20 sets, shooting 8-core machine, shell-2 aircraft, the frequency melting furnace, a vacuum melting furnace sets of 14. There are high school heat treatment furnace, carburizing furnace, furnace nitride, machining centers, CNC lathes, milling drilling, non-core grinding, cylindrical grinding, vertical mill, double-face grinding machine, and so dedicated more than 300 sets of equipment. Is now forming in the production of 150,000 head, 80,000 cylinder block, main bearing caps 800,000, the valve seat 10,000,000, 10,000,000 catheter valve, rocker shaft assembly components of the production capacity of 600,000 sets.
     Company adhere to the "people-oriented, quality for the Soul" and "science and technology enterprises," Secretary of governance principles, and long-term study in Shanghai, Chongqing Institute of steam, cast Shenyang Institute of Sichuan University, Chongqing University to maintain technical cooperation, the introduction of new technology, new Technology and the development of new materials, continue to launch high-quality, high-performance new products to meet and exceed customer demand. At the same time, the company constantly improve the quality management system and improve the quality assurance capacity. Has passed ISO9002, QS9000, TS16949 international quality system certification. The company now has a testing center, measurement, physics, chemistry, spectroscopy, Kim Sang, testing, materials testing performance of the engine room and a natural block, cylinder head, valve seat, rocker shaft assembly components, valve guides, and so on Taiwan Laboratory frame. Company exports to the United States won the internal combustion engine valve seat Sichuan excellent product first prize in 2003 for the development of environment-friendly internal combustion engine valve seat has been awarded the state's key new products, supporting Dongfeng Nanchong internal combustion engine plant's natural gas engine cylinder head, valve seat is listed as national 863 Project, a national fund to support innovative enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Sichuan Province, China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association.
     Long-term products export to the United States, the European Union, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and long-term stability and supporting domestic Chongqing Cummins, Yuchai, Xichai, drag Luo, Beiqi Futian, Tianjin perkins, south east, Kunming Yun, Yun Chengdu, Mianyang and so on the morning of the new OE. Stability of product quality, have been named the best OE supplier.
     Excellent quality products, many products as best-selling high-quality products. In the market is highly competitive. There are companies such as the five-year medium and long-term planning, there is a sound marketing network and broad financing channels, the growth of a broad space for development.

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